Death of my town.

Date: 3/28/2017

By XxTheCalmxX

(This I believe was my first lucid dream, or experience with sleep paralysis that I woke up and was still paralyzed. ) The dream starts with me in the center of my small town, within the town is a large park surrounded by the shops and next to it is a clock tower that never goes off, I am walking down the side walk next to a couple businesses I am familiar with, the tanning salon, the hair salon a small tax agency, and the such. as if I blinked a small flash of blackness covers my view and disappears revealing everyone I've ever known or ran into walking in the same direction in the town, towards my old high school. Again, as if I blinked a flash happens and everyone now has stopped in their tracks and facing me, I feel panic in myself (that I physically could feel outside of my dream) and I begin to attempt to push out of the crowd in the opposite direction they were first heading. Again, another flash. I am now standing in the same spot I had started but now everyone is dead, at my feet .. surrounding me completely butchered, torn to shreds and in a pool of blood high enough to just cover my ankles. Then again, a flash... a face is in mine, eyes black as night face pale as the moon hair black as ever and I can feel it's breath in my face and smell the scent of rotting flesh (this is when I believe I am awake but paralyzed and am not panicking because this presence is on me in REAL LIFE.) In the background behind the face I can see my room, my tv.. my pictures on the wall the tv show I had fallen asleep too and the light of the tv illuminating the face. I can't move, I can't scream, I feel the presence bearing down on my arms my legs and my chest, until finally it breaks in another flash and it's gone, I bolt out of my bed and turn the light on, completely terrified... I kept the light on for the rest of the night and watched Disney channel.