Sweet Young Romance

Date: 1/21/2017

By italktoomuch

I frequently dream from the perspective of other women or even men. Most recently I dreamt of a young girl. I was seeing through her eyes looking into a mirror. My body was smaller and my chest was flatter. I was wearing a pink tank top and jean shorts. It was late summer and there were crickets chirping. I heard my mother (not my mother, but her mother) yelling that the party was starting. I ran up the stairs to a kitchen full of friendly faces. We gathered in the backyard for the piñata. I watched as a burley cousin swung the bat. From behind me I heard a whisper, an invitation to leave. I followed the voice to an alleyway and found a boy there. I was in love with him, tho he was an ambiguous amalgam of attractive faces. I ran to him and kissed him. He held me and whisked me away to a dark loft. We kissed and made love all night long and not once did I regret leaving my own birthday party. I lay with him in the dark until the sun rose and I woke up.