My Love

Date: 5/3/2017

By JoshuaMorgan2002

In my Infinite Dream of Life I love a girl, but it doesn't matter for she likes someone else, it sucks but it's true, her name is ****** and she goes to my school, she's in my 8th period class. I have dated her three times and we have drifted apart each time, the first two times society pushed us together for some people wanted to see us together I didn't really like her but society didn't care, in fact quite a few of my girlfriends were when people wanted to see us together. But anyways the third time I dated the girl I like, is the time I realized I actually liked her and that feeling grew, I wrote songs about her, she lit up my life in a way no one else could, not in a sexual way just everything seemed brighter, more fun. She isn't hot or sexy to me, she is beautiful. We almost had our first kiss(a French kiss) together in 6th grade, we were dating but I decided against it for it was based on a dare by a girl who hated me and knew that I loved ****** and that I wanted our first kiss to be special and she wanted to destroy that, I would have never even thought of kissing her if she was any other of my previous girlfriends but I really liked her and I wanted to kiss her so badly, I still think about that day and wonder if I made the right choice but then I realize again that it wouldn't have been special and I wasn't going to get pressured into losing my once in a lifetime moment with her.