Empty School Meetings

Date: 7/12/2017

By KaitlynAdelle

I was in the same bathroom that I was in before that was associated with the plane dream. I went in the bathroom and hugged the wall as a joke of missing school. My friends were with me and I saw a dancer that I follow on Instagram. She was practicing her leg extensions on the stall but then she left and I didn't see her the rest of the dream. My friend was dancing and I told her that maybe she should take dance with me 😂 I'm so mean in dreams. Anyway the next 'segment' of dreams I was in a jail like place but it wasn't a jail we could still get out of the doors. It was bars though. Anyway I was with people I knew from school, hence the title. And then the next thing I know I see this guy I know who is the 'boyfriend' and I said "Is that-" and then one of my other friends yell his name. I run to another little section of the 'cell' it had a larger part and an open entry to a smaller part. I tried to unlock the door but it wouldn't open so I went to the other door in the same area. I don't know if he unlocked it or I did. Anyway once it opened I hugged him and said I missed him and then he said "I love you too" I didn't say I love you though I just said I missed him. But then I said it back. It was weird that I could literally could feel the hug though. Weird but nice because I love hugs. I heard my best friend in the back say "I want my relationship to be like that" and then when I let go after a hug that seems it lasted forever, he went into the other part of the 'cell' with me and hugged one of my friends but it was a side hug nothing special compared to my hug which was A1 lol. I remember not liking them hugging but I let it go. My Fitbit said I was in REM (the part of sleep where you dream) for 2 hours! I wish I could do that dream one more time but you have to enjoy things while it lasts.