Date: 10/17/2016

By stefdrms

In my dream I was with Danny we came out of the Empire State Building straight into a flimy bridge all around us was water and the night sky. We were enjoying the view and our company. All of the sudden we hear a helicopter it was behind us. We looks back and I said wow the helicopter is flying pretty low. Danny agrees and we are just watching it. It seems it'll fly away from us but then I see it tilt on its side and it is coming towards us. I panic! I start thinking oh no am I going to die. I think Danny thought the same because he said oh no and we both just froze in fear not knowing what to do. The helicopter grazed the top of the bridge and was headed towards the water. We didn't know to run or not. I remember looking out into the water and there was people swimming, scrambling to get out of the water everyone is panicked. The helicopter falls in and I'm waiting for a huge explosion. Considering running but afraid of the flimsy bridge. Then I wake up.