Glitter and Glass Alien, Human Magick Blood, Gothic Happy Meal

Date: 2/12/2017

By Fitful

Long Dream. I was part of a large group of aliens, illegal, from space I suppose though that was never explicitly stated. We weren't human but had been on earth a long time. Always moving and moving and moving. I remember so many times of packing boxes and unpacking them. Finally we found the meteor rumored to be on earth. For the last 50 to 70 years we had heard about it but finally we found it and set to work digging into its core for the ingredients to send us all home. I was upset because the group didn't much like me, in fact act they actively shunned me, but were Uber polite about it. For some reason I just wasn't one of them, and I can't really pinpoint the difference in any other way then how they treated me. They shunned a few others in the group for real reasons, like this guy was smelly and didn't bathe or have social skill, and a few others got odd treatment, but I was the only one without friends, without anyone who wanted to be around me. They were very very nice and polite about it tho. Anyway I had come from out there and I needed to get home too, something important about getting home right now for me, I went to the back of the cave and began digging on the side of the shunned. Someone else I had been running from came and dug right there beside me, and I found the key in no time, it was a bit of a reach but I pulled out the gems, they were red and green, but we fought over them. Before he could get a hold of them both I turned into flying chipmunks and sped away, but double back to the cave after he took off looking for me. There was an altercation. Someone from our group was hurt and dying and had been brought in to be tended. The leader decided we needed to save him and demanded we collect something in a glass jug/jar. It would be a long process, collecting bits from humans, but if fed into his back it would save him. It was this green liquid substance but it could have been blood. It definitely came from the humans, and a large number of them. The leader made a decision and this girl stepped forward and objected. She said the glass jug/jar held human magic in the form of well wishes and send off and sweet thankful thing all written on tiny bits of paper. It was full of magic she wanted to keep and we couldn't just dump it out. I piped in "But that's good, the human magic will add to the real magic in blood and help heal him." She gave me that look and then dismissed me and turned back to stubborn face off with the leader. But the leader argued they didn't have time to wait and drill to the core, he was dying now. I was ordered to dump out the "human magick" and I did, trying to keep it collected in a metal mesh box. There was nothing else available. Some of the well-known wishes made of paper turned to gold glitter and fell between the cracks. Then the girl got so mad she burst into pink glitter inside, in fact when she did so I realized her body was made of glass and inside was pink glitter core, which made up her body, and she she got mad it burst and smudged and stuck to the glass from the inside. She had pretty pink dreads and if a human looked at her from far away she looked like pink glitter had been dumped on her but I cloud tell close up she was made of glass. Later back at the house everyone was planning for Thanksgiving. They were planning this huge dance number for a music video. Everyone was given a part. When I asked if I could dance too the kept hedging and hawing, basically hoping I would forget and they wouldn't have to say no outright. I knew they were doing me and kept being direct. Finally I'm sitting off in a corner by this guy who is ignoring me, he's on his phone, and the sprinklers turn on like a shower over here, I get really wet and knocked into the corner between the wall and his back/ass. My face gets lodged there and stuck. He turns around to look at me, exclaims and apology, but doesn't move. After much twisting and pulling I get my head loose. I go over the the mirror, apparently this is the bathroom, it's just open to the the rest of the house and missing a toilet instead it had an automan for sitting. Apparently it's a heavy automan which can't be moved every if a girl gets her face stuck. I'm in the mirror and my hair is wet. I sigh because it took me so long on my hair, now its wet. Itactually looks good. It's so long, the length down to my knees. I look and my makeup is okay if a little running round the eyes giving me a emo look. I look skinny and really pretty too. Purple eyeshadow for some reason. I wonder if my hair is really a wig and I lift its ends trying to tell. Scrunching my hair, making it a bit messier, makes me look hotter. A girl with long straight black hair and bangs tells me suddenly I can't dance with them in the video because I'm not wearing enough black. I have on black everything with a white tee and a black Hoodie. She then says I'd have to zip it up or change. I say okay. And a girl next to her comes up and says I would have to eat turkey in the dance because of the lyrics and that they are lewd and dirty, she mimes eating a turkey leg from her ass. I'm like, "Do you all have to eat turkey while dancing?" She says nothing, the girl with the black hair and bangs turns to go out the door and we all go outside for Thanksgiving. A guy on the phone when I order food calls me sir. And then another guy is in a red car is driving outside and giving away mashed potatoes and rolls. I take them after the girls decline, suddenly I'm ravenous. The guy calls me sir too. I am furious but say nothing. We walk more and get to tables left outside restaurants with food. The only thing left on them is rolls and some mashed potatoes. I get used to walking up to a strange table and eating food without asking, then I wonder why I'm used to that, and that it's weird but nice freedom. I get tired of eating only rolls and mashed potatoes quickly tho. Finally we get to a table with friends and still down and eat. Diana is there. She is eating white cake with white frosting and blueberry drizzle. She immediately offers me a slice. And "I say thank you that's so nice" pointedly, the black haired girl with bangs looks up at me uncomfortably and then back down to her plate. I begin eating and suddenly I have a Gothic happy meal, well it has a different name, something more goth, and I take out my toy and it's a Spider Gothic doll. She is so pretty. She comes with a coupon for two other dolls. One is Mad Madam Mim.