Bad things.

Date: 8/9/2017

By Creeshawn

I was with my girlfriend and we were hanging out. We were in class of some sort and to then this girl started hitting on me. My girlfriend became jealous and warned me about her. I told her everything would be ok and yet I continued and I made out with her in front of her. I apologized and she took me back. Then I met another person, this other person, who happened to be a childhood friend of mine, asked "have you found anyone you love?". I stopped. The next day, I did the exact same thing and this time I stopped myself before things went sexual. I still kissed her and my girlfriend walked away picking up boxes of her stuff from her desk to a door behind the class. I followed her but I lost her. She dropped a necklace with a ring on it. It had a leather strap. I tied it around my neck.