Party Gone Out of Bounds

Date: 6/3/2017

By seascarlet

I went to an enormous costume party in what looked like an old Olympics stadium. People I knew and didn't know irl were there, including my boyfriend and sister. I don't remember many of the costumes though. It started out pretty crazy and gradually got more insane. At some point Jeff disappeared and it turned out later he'd gone to sleep. There were the usual party antics with drinking and PDA and fights here and there. Then someone got an enormous burlap blanket and like 20 of us at once went down a massive, winding and really fast slide like a luge with no ice. It was crazy fun and we all did it again and again with no regards to injury. Then people started playing a new game in which they cut themselves while hiking around the winding corridors of the place. The point was for your group to leave the biggest trail of blood. My sister and I participated in this and commented that our group would surely win because we were the most drunk and therefore were bleeding the most freely. At one point my sister barfed and I said we should get extra points for barf. A bloody girl passed me dressed up as Alice from Alice in Wonderland. When she saw me she said "Hey Allis...on!" She said my name like that as a reference to how much she thought I looked like the cover of American McGee's Alice. Irl I used to have a group of friends who pointed her out to me calling her my doppelganger. The resemblance really was disturbingly uncanny, especially when I used to part my hair in the middle. I admonished myself for not thinking to dress up as her for this party. The game sort of became a game of chicken to see which group was willing to lose the most blood. I think we finally stopped when a girl in our group died. When I found Jeff I woke him up and told him how crazy the party had gotten after he went to sleep. He wanted to know why I was covered in blood. I didn't answer but dragged him to the luge which was now blood-streaked, and we jumped on with a group of people. He seemed to really enjoy it :P