House of Horror

Date: 2/28/2017

By ebiscuit18

I came up to the house. It was wooden planks and appeared abandoned and dilapidated, however something didn't add up. Lights were on up on the second story of the home. It was eerily dim as the sun began to set and twilight set in. I entered the home and noticed the horrid smell. The house smelled of rotted blood. The scent was nearly overwhelming. The downstairs corridor was dark and nothing could be seen. I walked up the rickety steps, squeaking with each light step. As I came to the top and entered the upstairs room, gore and horror laid before my eyes. A gigantic barrel with human insides in a stew of blood overflowing on the floor sat in the center of the room. Body parts hung from hooks from the rafters. I peered around the corner and noticed bloodied sheets hanging, obstructing my view of the outside deck. I pushed my way through the sheets and came to glass door, dirty with dried blood. I opened it and peeked around to see if I could see anyone. As I shut the glass door behind me I noticed I could see into another room in the house. I stood looking in the lit room, bloodied sheets hung inside this room as well. Suddenly, the window to the room swung open. The sheets began moving. I looked more keenly and through the movement of the sheets, to my dismay, saw a shadowed figured glaring back towards me. The figure let out a malevolent screech. I ran back into the room and blacked out.