Kid's park and kanking with a monster.

Date: 4/7/2017

By Kisaki

1st-With my brother, we went to a place. I think we were kids again. And there were a game we could play. It was like a puzzle or a maze. It was about assembling a mini car with its props. There were another kid using the same game. I went on scavenging to get some things. I went back and the guy completed everything, and he didn't asked if we weren't able to do it ourselves. 2nd-Meanwhile, there was something weird about a man in uniform, he was like giant and he was scary to everyone. He was blocking everybody to do anything. Then I went to his car..and beguile him..and we did something intimate and..he decided that I was the only one to cross the place. I was a bit confused..He was always hitting on people, probably harming them. And it wasn't nice. I don't know if he decided to take me because he wanted me to be his meat. I didn't know what happened and I kind of regret maybe.. or maybe I was still confused. People didn't say anything about that. "I hate this kind of dream"