Universal Trip III

Date: 7/8/2019

By briannagio

Tommy, Renee, Blane, Blake, Nicole, Brody and I went to Universal. We had three-day passes, and we had already used two days. We were going to save the last ticket for another time, but I proposed the idea of staying an extra day. Tommy was originally planning to come back with his group of friends a few days later, but he agreed to stay a third day with us. Our first two days were Thursday and Friday, so our last day would be on Saturday. I told them that we should go to Islands of Adventure first and ride all the rides in the back of the park, then make our way back to the front and ride the Hulk. Everyone seemed to like the idea besides Brody, but we were still going to go. Brody and Nicole were going to stay behind at the Airbnb.