Caged IN!! Zombies?!??! Part 1 of Zombie Dreams

Date: 9/25/2019

By CalMehJuly

I have a lot of zombie apocalypse dreams in my life so far. This is just one of them. My family bulls a cage that was like a hut. It had metal bars around it and wooden benches inside. My mom dad brother and I just sat there. Outside there were dumb zombies that looked like ordinary humans. They didnt attack me but looked weird and out of place. The setting was nothing but flattness and emptiness EVERYWHERE!! NO Buildings NO CARS NO Talking But tiredness and fear on my family's faces. I somehow felt ok. Like this was normal. My family and I looked outselves in the cage that had a roof onthe top. And just sat there. On the benches. Waiting. We didnt talk. We didnt speak. We didnt do anything but sitting there. Silence. I'm third person I can see days passing. Then years. Then who knows how long my family was like this. I could see the sun rising and falling over and over again. Until one day my family decided to leave this place thinking everything was okay. We didnt hear the zombies noises. Across our hut there was this bridge that led to a land with color. There were GRASS of GREEN. I saw TALL MUSHROOMS EVERYWHERE. I saw dolls like shopkins dolls stacked on to the shelves. It was beautiful Peaceful Free The sun was shining The birds were chirping I dont know if I was lucid until the end But I somehow knew this would end The dream would end A saw normal humans maybe cowboys They were nice We were at peace A land of Zombies We survived We now stand together looking exactly the same as we were before HAPPY.. Thanks for 📚 reading 😃