Date: 8/16/2017

By karlalilibeth

Summary Me running away from Michael Myers, Robin Sherbatsky (from how I met your mother), and a polar bear on Halloween. Idk man it sounds dumb but it was scary. Dream Okay so, I was walking around the neighborhood, I'm not sure if I was trick or treating alone or if I was just sitting at my porch giving out candy but there weren't many people. It's getting a little fuzzy in my memory tbh. But I remember that I saw someone else get attacked by Someone wearing a mask and jumpsuit. It was like I already knew who it was so I got up and started running down the street away from him. Obviously I was trying to make as little noise as possible but a neighbors dog saw me and began to bark; that's when Michael turned to look at me and starting coming toward me. So I started panicking yelling for help but it was like the entire street and houses were empty. Then I saw someone in a parked car telling me to get in so I did. As soon as I got in she started driving and we couldn't see Michael anymore because we had put enough distance between us. We stopped later at a sort of cafe where there were a few people there still and then after a few minutes we heard some screaming and a woman ran into the cafe and told us he was coming so we tried to get to the back exit but for some reason we couldn't. The owner of the cafe was the first one to face Michael head on and got killed. Another man who had been there only to do some work on his laptop was killed next and when he got to the 2 woman and I he was stabbed from behind by another woman who looked an awful lot like Robin Sherbatsky from the show how I met your mother. Michael went down, and Ik integrity movies he never dies but in my dream he did and so we thanked robin and we made a friend. Next thing I know, we're in an insane asylum trying to figure out how Michael escaped and what not. When all of a sudden robin finds his room and picks up his mask, puts it on and breaths deeply then looks at me and the other 2 girls. She then picks up one of Michael's old knives and me and the other girls are getting freaked out so we start backing up. Robin gets a little psycho and starts chasing us while we run to the car that we parked in a hiding spot when we got to the asylum. So we're yelling "where'd you park the car!?" "Do you remember which way we parked the car!?" "What street is it on!?" "She's coming guys! Hurry up ! Where's the car!?" And then we come across the car and can't get it open so we run again into a house and robin is still looking for us. Robin bangs on the door saying she was just kidding and didn't mean it she wasn't actually going to kill us. But the sarcasm was in her voice and we all heard it so we decided to let her in anyways?? 🤷🏽‍♀️ she has a gun now. When she comes in she says some stuff and we say some stuff (I don't really remember how that part went) but then we hear some weird footsteps coming from the kitchen and as it approaches even robin moves away because she's the first one to see what it is. It was a damn polar bear. It walks to me directly and puts its head in front of mine. (Mind you this is a huge bear, a full grown adult). Idk why or exactly what happened in my dream but it tried to bite me so I put my hands in it's mouth to pull apart it's jaw so that it wouldn't hurt me but It was really strong and w as fighting back trying to close its mouth while I was holding it open. It didn't scratch me or try to hurt me in anyway and the other girls were just staring at me didn't try to actually help. Robin had hid the gun. Idk why. But I asked her if she remembered where she hid the gun and if she could go get it, she said no that she didn't but the sarcasm in her voice told me she did know but she wasn't planning on helping me out. So I'm pulling apart her jaw and it's not doing anything so I think I let it go and made a run for it outside of the house, and I tried to trick the bear by running one direction then running in the other. (She was really big so it kind of slowed her down so she couldn't see where I had gone just smell my scent I left behind) so as I run I jump into the neighbors backyard (idk why but the house we were in is starting to resemble the house I live in IRL ) I hide in my neighbors backyard and leave the other 2 girls to fend for themselves against robin and the bear. My plan worked though, the bear was tricked and went in the other direction I had originally gone in. Robin was just smiling evilly. And then I woke up...