Car Ride to Sleeplessness

Date: 8/21/2017

By ladyartface

I had a hard time trying to get to sleep last night and knew I had tp get up at 6 for work. I finally dozed off to snooze land... I was lost in the middle of nowhere. In the desert! Why am I here??I was getting a phone call. my coworker. The one that doesnt stfu at work! She called to tell me I was going to be late to work. Noooo... I found this piece of sh*t car. It was making a strange noise and rattling. I opened the car hood and found lizards everywhere! I got in and it starts up fine. I started to speed down this road! The breaks arent working of course. I was going like 100 mph, when the car hits a bump and I went flying into the air! I crashed into my house and fell into my bedroom. It's the house I grew up in. I suddenly jumped into bed, because I knew I had to get up at 6am and couldn't be late for work. Suddenly my coworker (stfu Sharon!) and best friend was in bed with me, keeping me up. They keep talking and talking. The clock went from 12am to 4am to 5am. I suddenly woke up to my alarm clock at 6am.