Movie night gone wrong

Date: 5/14/2019

By christoPsycho

I don’t remember how it all started so I’ll start from where I remember. I was sitting in my old bedroom with a bunch of people who were my friends(I don’t actually know them in real life) and I don’t remember exactly how many there were but there was a decent amount of people. We were in my old room, but it wasn’t my house ever in the dream. We had some creepy super scary movie playing but no one was paying attention to it. Something seemed off and everyone was laughing and seeming to turn on me and one of my friends, she was a girl but I don’t know who she was. I think I dreamed of myself as a woman as well, though I’m a man in real life. Anyway, they were laughing and talking and we knew something was wrong. My friend asked me if I wanted to run home and I said no, we wouldn’t make it. Part of me knew we would be chased. I don’t remember what the others were saying but they were talking about how they god to be deranged and fucked up like they are now. They were all laughing hysterically about how a couple of their friends got raped by coyotes and that gave them the virus, then they raped the people that were in my old room which gave them the virus as well. So they start attacking us and some others there that hadn’t been infected yet, me and my one friend crawled under the bed to hide and had to witness as some of our friends got raped and it was very vivid. It was like it was really happening. They were all coming for us then, trying to get us from under the bed. I just kept scratching and hitting them, trying to make them stop. Then somehow the girl I was hiding with ended up in the bathroom and bursted our, shoving a man that was afflicted by the virus onto the bed. She jerked him off quickly so he wouldn’t attack her and he was bleeding out while she did so. As soon as he was dead all the others started to scream and their skin started to melt and get deformed, and I could physically feel the burning pain they were screaming about. After a couple minutes of that, they were all dead and I wandered out of my room that wasn’t actually my room, and into the living room. I was in just my underwear, trying to hide my breasts. My dad was asleep in a recliner so I woke him up to ask what time it was and he said six in the morning. I was contemplating how I was gonna manage to go to work after something like that had happened to me. Then I woke up.