Digital art, In a humorous twist, a person finds themselves in a lucid dream where they are unexpectedly caught in a bathtub with three guys, who respect boundaries but are surprised, while another guy records the interaction, giving them a sense of control over the dream.

My first really LUCID dream! Yay!

Date: 9/15/2023

By Purple

I’ve been trying for years to have a lucid dream and take control of what happens. Unfortunately, I didn’t have complete control, but it was actually funny! In my dream, I was walking barefoot in the snow. I knew it couldn’t be happening while awake, and figured I was dreaming. So I asked myself what would I rather be doing. I’d rather be soaking in a warm bath. Unfortunately, I wasn’t alone. There were 3 guys who were surprised I was naked in the bathtub. They were excited, but thankfully respected boundaries. LOL! Then I looked up and saw another guy recording a video of the four of us interacting. D’OH! Okay, so not exactly what would be an ideal situation, but at least I had some control. I can’t wait to find myself acknowledging myself in a dream once more, and have more control next time.