Date: 2/23/2019

By Rubixo

Dream Highway Walking in the opposite direction , I think I was barefoot, then I walked back to the car but instead i changed my mind las minute and walked inside a mall with no doors. I remember the floor was shiny white I felt dirty as soon as I walked in. I went inside an unfamiliar arcade- I saw my mom I try to hide by going up the stairs. She saw me and then i gave her 50 bucks and a dollar I had a feeling I stole because I felt guilty when I saw the money. Tv, repetitive commercials. I bought a book and i was going to read it with 2 friendly strangers in a strangers couch they were weirdly friendly The book was about ways to lie I dont remember what i broke from the couch that I had to repair i feel like i had this mall dream before I just remembered.. Dreamed of looking in the mirror and didn’t see any reflection