School home sickness

Date: 3/2/2019

By Istarivaj

I think I have some type of school home sickness. I don’t know why but I just do. I’ve been dreaming lately about school and the people I went with at school as well. The setting either will take at my elementary or high school or even both just all in one setting. And for the people, mostly friends and class mates I dearly missed back then when we had good and pleasant times at school. Sometimes when I’m dreaming about school it can also be a nightmare. One night it started off from a question just one question from a teacher. That’s what forces me out of a dream because I always have anxiety whenever a teacher ask me any questions when I’m not pay attention or when I just don’t simply know it. People say you’ll miss school and they are right in my mind because I can’t stop dreaming about it. The people and the good nostalgic times I had with them. And for some reason there would be some type of reunion and I just can’t help but to dream of it. Reliving memories or sharing memories with the people and friends I missed from school. I hope I can’t stop dreaming this because I just wanna move on and dream for something that I want. Maybe school dreams is something I want too but who knows, I just want it to stop.