Lucid Plan #1 Tropical

Date: 4/29/2017

By xXScarclawXx

Hey everyone! I have decided I'm going to start posting what I call Lucid Plans. Basically I'm going to describe plans for my lucid dreams. 😄 It will also give you guys ideas for YOUR lucid dreams. If you like this idea, like this and leave a comment! ALRIGHT. So for this lucid dream, I want it to take place at a beach. A big, nice one, full of animals and birds. It will also be next to a jungle. I will be there (obviously) and I will shape-shift into a colorful tropical bird. Next I will probably explore the jungle, eating fantasy fruit, checking out caves, and meeting made-up creatures. It would be fun to see all these wild things my brain comes up with. I want to meet a tiger and become his best friend 😄❤️ After that (who knows how long that will take?) I will fly high above the island and look at it from above. I might just fly over the ocean. Like I said, who knows? I will probably spend a really long time flying over the island. Flying is honestly a very awesome thing to do. Especially when you are a bird. 🕊 (I couldn't find a tropical bird emoji, but if you can find one, post it in the comments!) By then, I probably would have woken up by then. But if you use this dream and you are still asleep, you could try shapeshifting into another animal to see what that's like. (Tiger, dolphin, dragon...) Well, I hope you guys liked this! If you want more Lucid Plans please leave a like and a comment! 😉