Wow Waves

Date: 3/10/2019

By mostly.tee

in my dream I was with my friends in Florida my friends Derek, Aden❤️, Chris, Shayne, Shaliana, Lola, Re'n'ee, and my cousin Elaina. So we all had this one huge suite with like 7 bedrooms. At this point my grandma and my step aunt Haile had a suite too by us. So at this point 2 of my exes were with us, Chris, and Shayne but we're a cool now because Shayne and Shaliana are dating but go into this huge fight on the plane. So they took separate rooms so me and Shaliana took one room and everyone else got singles me and Shaliana were close as sisters but in her sleep she was talking about Shayne and I went into Lola's room and then I find Elaina in the bathtub so I just get confused and sleep on the sofa bed so when I wake up it's only Lola and Derek in the house Everyone else we to either the ocean or the waterfalls so i obviously know that Shaliana loves to surf and Shayne knows he have to apologise and hates surfing absolutely hates it Shaliana tried to teach him like seven times. Still don't know how. So I already know what Shayne is boutta do, try to surf in the ocean. I'm in my PJs eating toast and let things play out. So you see the ocean from Derek's bedroom so Lola and Derek and I are just watching Shaliana yell at Shayne and Elaina is trying to stop them from making a scene but way to late for that so. Shayne goes surfing in the ocean with sharks. And no safety line 10 feet in. That's ends badly and the I wake up