Witches and the phone

Date: 8/20/2017

By taylorelliott

I was walking along a pathway when all these beautiful girls got off the bus with their instructor the instructor was mean and every girl was stubborn to go along the pathway to the academy except for one she made the trees grow bigger and bloom with more spring flowers making the earth brighter. The flowers were beautiful and lively and added a sense of joy to the stubborn setting before walking into the door she waved goodbye as I made a face of awe. After the girls walked into the academy house I talked to the instructor I looked down at the ground of the outside of the house there was an old dirt bike helmet sitting there. I picked up the green helmet and asked if it was hers she acted scared and backed away from the helmet. She said no and then went into the house and slammed the door. I wasn't the least bit curious so I put the helmet down and went along side the house picking up a few things that looked beautiful to my eye since they had been long forgotten. Soon it was dark and the only thing I kept was a vase with beautiful flower decorations on it. I crept around the driveway as people pulled in and out. I almost got ran over a few times trying not to be seen because I wasn't supposed to be there that late. I dropped my phone where this man and girl were talking so I ran between them and grabbed it. The girl thought it was her phone so they started chasing me in their car I swam through swimming pools and climbed over fences until I got tired and fell asleep in a swimming pool. I woke up in a house which my cousin Mercades was at and my papaw may they apologized for chasing me and said I was still in trouble in the state of Kentucky for some reason my cousin went and got her phone then I woke up. Natural: I had another dream I've just cut my hair recently and dyed it blond and in the dream my hair I had long brown hair again. It was long and you could tell it was brushes but it wasn't straightened or anything and the natural waves looked beautiful. I felt natural walking in front of my family even though we thought it grew back over night and turned back brown it was no deal at all it was just natural.