Haunted old man

Date: 2/22/2017

By sana

Me and my brother is at our old hm (this place was my hm when i was 6 yrs old)...at night time this place looked very haunted as it is less populated .. no street lights..the only sound you can hear is wild dogs barking .even if our own family member knocks door it seems like ghost or thief showed up .there were 2 adjacent room i asked my brother to come inside and lock the door ..like a dumb person he kept half door open .when i asked him he replied that mom will come in few min .. i saw a very old hunched back man ...wearing terribly torn black and brown clothes carring a stick like a reaper ..looking at my hm through the door .he will come inside and kil us i said my brother look he will kill us my brother is saying mom will come keep door open. i fear it .its dark ,i can see him i knw he came fr me i can sense him he is staring at me not at my brother