Mass effect and baseball

Date: 4/19/2017

By Maffiwip

I think I was a turian. Friends planet was blown up or something. She's really upset/mad so I go find her and tell her I'm sorry for what happened. She gets mad at me, saying that I'm not supposed to acknowledge it, that I'm supposed to make her feel better. Say something funny. She said (actual quote) "you're supposed to make me feel better, not show me a drowning cricket." Some kind of weird metaphor I guess. I think it goes lucid, because I am no longer a turian but the turian is my character like in DnD. I laugh a bit, thinking how ridiculous my in-game friend is acting. She's the one being crazy no me, I said the right thing. There's another part where I'm playing baseball with my class, there's a woman who's a raging bitch. I ask to let me try pitching / catching since I used to when I was a kid (also IRL). I suck at pitching because gravity is different, it's like the ball is made of styrofoam. I decide to catch instead, but the angry lady just throws it wherever. I can't see very well because of my glasses (the arms block peripheral) and for some reason I decided to wear a hat. I suck at baseball now.