Survivor or not survivor

Date: 1/27/2017

By chiara

I'm cleaning the kitchen and my mum is next to me helping with the dishes. My sisters are in their bedrooms, and my dad is in the dining room, I can see him typing something on his iPad. There's this dark atmosphere all around us, and there's silence, the TV is not even on, the only thing that breaks the silence is the snoring of my dog. Until, I can hear someone's trying to break into the house, someone just unlocked the door. It's our neighbor. He comes in and stops. I'm taking to him, I'm asking him what is he doing, but then he puts his hand into his bag and takes out a gun. So now I'm screaming. I can't move. He pulls the trigger and the bullet is in my dad's heart. My mum is running to my sisters, trying to hide them but he's already there, he's already killing them all. I'm the only one who survives. I'm alive but I feel dead. It was the worst nightmare I've ever had.