He Put a Friggin' Hole in my Wall!

Date: 8/15/2017

By fluffytree

I'm at home in my room looking out my window like I tend to do alot when I notice a young couple walking down the street. Now when I see a person or group irl I try not to stare at them or anything even though they're unlikely to see me through the screen anyway, but in the dream I got really intimidated and hid my head by ducking below the window. My bed is right next to it so I just laid flat is all. The guy noticed and says "Hey!" I don't answer and figure he'll just go away eventually but he keeps calling. Finally I just bite the bullet and raise my head so he can see me. Without me saying anything he apologizes for my wall and for doing something to my car which just so happens to be parked on the curb right outside my window too, which is a place I never park irl. I'm confused at first wondering what he meant until I see that he let out most of the air in one or more of my tires and also he punched a big hole in the side of my house and now right below my window is this big hole that leads straight to outside. I can't believe this dude did all this! He put a friggin' hole in my wall! I'm less concerned with my car since hopefully I can just put air in it and it'll be fine. My house on the other hand... This is gonna cost me to fix. I should call the police on that guy or something but I don't think to do that. Besides, I figure it won't help anyway and I'm on my own. So I use my bedsheets along with my curtains to cover up the hole, albeit rather poorly. Any sort of bug, critter or person could just come straight into my room if they wanted to and I feel so unsafe and vulnerable. Why'd that guy do this? I figure he was probably soo controlling and insecure that he thought I was secretly oogling on his girlfriend and felt the need to make a point. I seriously can't stand dudebros like this either, ugh. I get up to tell my mom thinking maybe she has some solutions on what I can do, and notice my Nintendo Switch is missing from it's dock under my TV. My sister could be playing it somewhere, but she'd at least ask me first. I'm annoyed but I go outside to the porch where I figure my mom must be since I can't find her in the house, only to find about 50 or so people sitting in chairs on my lawn all dressed up. Some sort of service is being held. I see some familiar faces from the church I used to go to years ago and even the pastor from when I used to go to Burns Church during my childhood. That's when I realize that my grandmother must've wanted another funeral service done for my uncle who died 2 weeks ago. I don't feel comfortable walking around to the side to assess the damage to my room from the outside, so I just head back in. On the way back to my room I spot my sister sitting in a chair in the hall with one leg across the arm rail while playing my Switch. She mentions how the game she's playing is fun but too hard and I figure she's playing Zelda: Breath of the wild only to see she's playing a Metroid Prime game I've never played before. Could this be Metroid Prime 4? It's not gonna be out til late next year at the very earliest though, but she hands it to me and I begin to play. Now as per usual when I play video games in dreams, I end up getting so immersed that I quickly find myself in the actual game's world very similar to virtual reality. I am now the main character, bounty hunter Samus Aran exploring a seemingly abandoned facility on a desolate planet and having fun too. So much fun that I completely forgot about my initial problem of the hole in my wall. I wake up to my phone ringing shortly thereafter.