Who dies first?

Date: 7/12/2017

By RoamingSpirit

I am entering a small diner and order breakfast. The tv is broadcasting a government alert about a dangerous mass murderer who escaped from the prison. The woman working in the diner reacted suspiciously and instantly turned the tv off. Soon I start hearing noises from the room in the back. When the air was clear I snuck into the back and entered the room. The noises are getting louder, people crying and begging for help. I follow the noises to their source and find the people. Their bodies were distorted, they were crawling around the room, a small fence in front of the door keeping them from exiting. A man was with them. He noticed me and I realized it was the criminal from the tv. I run. He is very fast. He catches up. He reaches for his gun, but I manage to hit him and grab a knife from the kitchen in the diner. Nobody helped me. Everyone was just stunned and watching. I stab the guy in panicn repeatedly in the head. The woman screams. I am still shocked and shaking. I stumble out of the diner and the police is coming my way. (Damn, that was fast, usually they take ages). They are asking questions and invite me back inside to explain the whole situation. I follow. When I stepped back inside, the officers were gone and the scene resembled the first time I entered the diner. Everyone is sitting in silence, the lady working and the tv was turned off. I hear someone flushing the water in the toilet. I can't believe this shit. I run towards the back again and find the people, this time the killer isn't there and coming after me. I return to the front and find him sitting at the counter, drinking coffee and playing with his gun. He winks at me and asks about the wellbeing of his 'pets' in the back. I am curious about the back in the time thing and approach him. The lady behaves like she doesn't see us. I ask my questions and he explains that he escaped weeks ago, the government kept it a secret. They were working on a mind control drug. They failed. He perfected their drug. Stronger doses destroy the human body like those people in the back and smaller doses make them do whatever he wants. He is one of their victims and angry. I notice the people around us standing up and inch closer. He smiled his charming smile and said he was sorry, but I knew too much. He attempts to shoot me but I run. The fight is similar to the first encounter. I grab the knife and try to stab him, but the people are in the way. He kills some while trying to shoot me. I run through the back room outside. There was a huge parking lot in the back, surrounded by tall fences. I try to run outside but the people lock all the doors and I am forced to face him. He comes my way and tells he was experimented on by the government and now he is going to pay them back by using their own weapons. Somehow I grab the gun from him in the fight and instantly shoot. He dies. His people attack me. I run away. The dream ended with me stumbling through the streets at night bloody and tired. Only one of his people following me. The effect od the drug grew weaker, he stops attacking me and is just a mindless zombie. I walk around with him and talk to him.