crash 5:30

Date: 3/16/2017

By catheartic

I was on the bus going home from school and the bus driver took a weird way of taking us home. He was going really fast around a turn and the bus flipped over and everyone was freaking out. Suddenly I was with my parents and we were going to this big stadium which had emergency care as well. We got in line and we had to go through metal detectors, and my mom and I had to take our bras off and the people searched our luggage. We were waiting to be cared for with a big group of people and we all had to go to the bathroom, but we didn't know that all of the toilets were broken so people were fighting over using them anyway. An old perverted man fixed the toilets and I went into the bathroom to pee. For some reason I was naked while I was in the bathroom, and while I was going potty two men came in and started talking to me. I was extremely uncomfortable and tried to cover myself. The men grabbed my hands and pulled me away and I screamed and yanked my hand away. They pulled me out of the bathroom and made me stand in front of everyone in the group with only my pants on and I was crying. My parents were furious at how I was being treated. It turns out I was under 18 and not an adult, so they couldn't take care of me and they had to send me to a different care center on the other side of the stadium, which was going to take a lot longer. They sent me away and my parents were stuck by themselves talking about how badly they treated me. Suddenly my mom is with me and we're taking little roller coasters to the place we need to be. We finally got there and my mom couldn't find her badge to get into the building. I don't really remember anything else after that.