A Storm Is Coming To End Us

Date: 2/5/2017

By Adriana

//this is a long one, so get comfy// We (A large group of girls and I) were in a large multiple story abandoned building. It was in shambles. Outside of the building was a beautiful landscape of huge rolling hills and mountains far away. We were in a large valley. Across from us was a circular building. I knew it was magical, and that something evil was waiting inside of its dark walls. There were two choices we had to make, the girls and I, escape or stay and try to fight, or really try to survive to show the evil that it would not win. Plus, there were some that could not leave and they needed protection. I had two good friends in this metal tower, wind rushing around us as we climber around the beams. One of them was dead set on staying. She was the bravest of us. The other was going to leave. I was considering my options, and decided to leave. The great building across from us, a mile away, was brewing a great darkness. I could see the storm clouds gathering around it. The girls who stayed would be attacked by the harsh storm, anyone high up could be blown away. We were outside, laying flat in the bed of some huge truck. I couldn't. I jumped up and fling myself out. My friend who was staying was angry at me. She wanted me to go, she couldn't stand seeing either of us hurt. I said goodbye to the girls who were leaving, and headed back to the tower. I said goodbye to my good friend, k owing somehow that we would be separated and may never see each other again. I climbed up to the girls who could not leave. They had been hurt and couldn't move from their spot. Those who could do medical work stayed as well. In an act of defiance we got ready for our doom. We put on make up and fixed ourselves up. The storm would show no mercy, but it would not frighten us. The sky was blackened, harsh winds whipped around us and the rains started. The storm had begun