X-men penthouse money steal

Date: 2/9/2017

By twinmatrix

we were the X-Men that I was a part of the X-Men. We were trying to get a pent house so we don't have enough money so we decided to steal money from a very rich person. This person turn out to be part of a huge eagle organisation that the Dreamhouse extremely long and intense involving multiple boss fights in the played out like a long TV series that me and my father watched in one single day. there were 24 episodes. at the end the X-Men combined air power and the phoenix appeared to destroy some kind of large evil portal. the most important X-Men were storm Jean Grey myself and some others. There was someone similar to Shadow Cat and there was some kind of a child. The enemy included a massive army of clowns with white faces and masks looking like the Vienna is a mask from a guy Grindr. at the end we somehow managed to close the portal a little bit with the power of the Phoenix and put the money in search of a compressed ball and flew away with it hidden but we never really got away with it. But the whole dream was extremely exciting and details in long and every time I woke up and fell asleep again the dream continues. there was also very famous scene where the elevator didn't want to go down the vera stuck in the elevator in needed to go down to the bottom floor and Jean Grey or something or someone I was destroying the layers below the elevator to the elevator just sort of fell down and kept bumping into the layer below it and it was seen from the side and it was really exciting and scary and spectacular. there was also some emotional scene in which one of the characters was about to die but I don't think anyone actually died. there were some casualties which is quite heavy but everything was often in the end