terrible nightmare about my credit card being stolen

Date: 8/18/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i woke up late for work (i babysit) so i had to tell noah to fake a headache so i could tell his mom that he didnt go to school because he was feeling ill. He agreed but i had to take him home anyway cos for some reason we were in my grandmas house. I grabbed my car keys and headed outside to start the car and wouldnt you know, the car door was ripped off and my bag was on the seat. I quickly grabbed the bag and checked my wallet. Oddly, the money was still there but my credit card was gone. I was howling with rage at this point and tried to call wells fargo to cancel my account on my phone but for some reason that shit would keep on going to an app game instead. Then i woke up. Oh but it doesnt end there, i actually woke up thinking the whole thing happened and was searching for my phone to actually call them...fml, but i didnt cos i saw my car outside the window and the door was ok.