Date: 2/9/2017

By ivielee

I was on a cruise ship with my school which was random people I know like Oakwood and LCHS and Alverno and we got to a pit stop and I had to use the bathroom and when I got off dad was there with Uncle Junior and I was talking to them and asking why they were there with Ana and he said they were on a business trip and he wanted to know if I wanted to leave the school trip and just hang out with them in Paris and we saw some guy from LCHS leaving with his family and saying stuff like fuck the school trip but I had to use the restroom before the ship left so I went in the boat and asked Erika if I could go and what time it left and she said I was annoying and laughed and told me fifteen minutes the ship leaves so I rushed and it was weird I was like climbing things but my legs weren't working and they felt exhausted and tired so I couldn't walk fast or run like everyone else and when I got to the bathroom a girl had shit and pissed her pants and was crying and me and these other girls came in and saw her and the other girls laughed but it was kind of scary because I could see her face through the crack of the stall and I went pee and I woke up