Brother Mao

Date: 4/10/2020

By caitlynm14117

My parents and I were moving into this condo/hotel room, I assume for vacation. They were doing most of the moving in and told me to just go find something to do. I go over to this book stand in this lobby area right outside our room, and it has a bunch of poetry books, mainly by Chinese poets. I’m looking at one of these books and this guy who I recognize as the author of the book comes over and asked me a question about the book, and I remember I gave him a funny answer but I don’t remember what it was. He walks away for a little and then he comes back. He pulls up a chair and starts reading his poetry to me. Then this white guy who I recognize as another author of a poetry book in the stand comes over. The two poets know each other, and they’re talking about Chinese poetry while I look through some more of the books. I hear one of them say, “Brother Mao is so under appreciated,” and I pull out a book written by him and ask, “Him?” And they confirm that’s him. By this time, my parents have finished moving in, so my dad calls me back to the room which is right near where I am. I enter and we start to watch TV. The TV is showing what eventually happened to the two poets I met outside in the years after I met them. I don’t remember what happened to the Chinese guy, but I think it was fairly normal. The white guy, however, was a whole different story. He had gone out to the mountains in the west and befriended some Native American tribes. He was out in the middle of this open space one day away from everyone, sitting on a rock, when a big dog came up behind him. It showed the dog growling at the guy from behind him, and the dog was standing on the rock the guy was sitting on, so the dogs jaws were at the same level as this guys neck. Then the guy sprang up and tried to make a run for it, but before he did, he turned around to face the dog for some reason. The dog jumped on him and ripped his throat out. Then the guy fell down and the dog proceeded to eat him. I remember watching the guys ribs begin to poke out and eyes fall out of his head, but it was all very weird looking as if I was seeing it in claymation or something. The dog kills the man but doesn’t eat all of him. Instead, he wanders off and continues to wander these plains, eventually coming to two Native American tribesmen and attacking, but not killing, them. These two Native American tribesmen come across the body of the white man whom they knew, and they decide the best way to honor their deceased friend is to finish the job the dog had started: they finished eating their friend.