Cruise Ship Nightmare

Date: 7/27/2017

By Brionne18

It started out with my family and I at my uncle's boating dock. (it looked different than in real life) It was more of a covered patio with tables, all wooden, with no boats around. And I saw this huge cruise ship pass by. Thousands of people were on it including my best friend Marcela and her family. I guess I was jealous and I wanted to be on it as well. So somehow I got onto the boat and started to look for her family. One by one I would find one of her family members. (I would search for the people wearing red, idk why) They were all split up on the boat, so it made it even harder to find them. At one point I guess I found Marcela so I just stook with her. After a little while we went to the front of the ship and we both were holding onto this little wire that was keeping us from falling off the boat. we again passed by my family at the dock. Idk if they saw me but whatever I didn't care. Marcela and I were practically dangling off the boat with all these other people. Later on we went back inside and I would still look for her siblings and I would ask around and one person said "I think they went that way" so I went down this huge hallway (the cruise looked like a mall with all these stores) that lead to this elevator. I don't think I went on it cuz for some reason I think I was scared to. I started to turn around and go down the main hall. I overheard this chunky white man with a full white beard talking on his ear piece about some bad weather. I stopped him and said "what did you just say?" and he told me that there is some bad weather coming. It wasn't so much thunder and lightning but huge waves. So I started to worry and this time I really wanted to look for my friend and her family to make sure they would be safe. So I started to run around and I saw another one of my friends, Isabel, with three of her brothers sitting against this plastic advertisement thing. I said hi and asked her "is this your baby bro next to you." She said "yes" so I picked him up and started to play with him. I got carried away with looking for my friend and her family that for a minute I forgot to give back the baby. oops. But don't worry I did. Sooner or later people started to find out about the bad weather coming. (I don't remember what happened after this or how we got out of the bad weather) Finally we got back to the boating dock and my mom came and picked me up. (idk how she knew I was on the boat or when I was gonna be docking) My mom parked her car right next to Marcela Dad's car. He drove a little black car and my mom drove a silver car. (which is wierd cuz in real life they both drive SUVs) once everyone packed up everything. I noticed that my pillow and backpack we're missing and I told my mom that they were still on the boat. I started to ask Marcela if they accidentally packed it with there stuff. they let me search there trunk to see but they weren't in there. My mom told me that maybe it wasn't yours, maybe it was her siblings. And I was like "well maybe." When we got back to my house, the first place I went was my room to check if I still had my pillow and backpack and sure enough I did. (ik that was a wierd part of my dream) After that I remember trying to go to the restroom but the door was locked. My mom passed by and said "I'm going to your grandma's see you later." And that's when I woke up..