Felize's Driving Test

Date: 1/29/2017

By Lunae

The dream started off blurrily. It was like, my classmates and I were supposed to make our project, this structure of the Space needle in Seattle, and my groupmates were panicking because the deadline was the next day and we're not yet halfway finished. But I, on the other hand, was just sitting cross-legged on a plastic arm chair. Chatting carelessly with Gabriel on Messenger. Scene 2: Gabriel was sitting at the back of my mom's car. He was between two girls; me to his left and his 10-years old cousin to his right (which my brain only created, THIS PERSON IS NON-EXISTENT). His cousin leaned forward so she could see me and was all like "So.. you're Gabby's girlfriend?" Sounding more like a statement, not a question. I rudely laughed out of nervousness and said something. I don't remember what exactly I said but I'm pretty sure I made a bad impression cuz the girl gave me this snobbish look. Then I thought 'Oh shite. Look what you have done. You made a bad impression to his family. You need to get out before it turns to worse' But before I could get out the car, it crashed to this small tree. I think the girl died because I don't remember seeing her, or said something, after the crash. Then Felize's head popped up from behind the driver's seat. "So... Can I have my licence now?" "FELIZE"