fires and a kidnapping

Date: 3/11/2017

By PennyEasterby

Starts with me and my friends (Ben and Kamile) making a fire in the woods. It originally doesn't catch but then we turn around and the entire woods are on fire. We manage to get out but I don't know where they go so I make a skateboard from a trolly that I found and rush home. It becomes light and I'm still not home but I find a skate park. this specific skate park is packed full of people though and is also balanced on a cliff. I somehow fall over a rail and manage to grab hold but my palms are soaking we as if I had just washed my hands. There happens to be a piece of metal hanging out of the wall for me to stand on though. me ex Cameron is sat laughing at me and someone I used to know called Ollie helped me up. I then somehow arrive home and in bed but my phone keeps getting notifications from this weird dairy-like app. It asks about my day but this time it was a bit too specific. It asked "Hey, Penny. Why were you hanging from a cliff this Autumn". I led in bed frozen and then a pencil in my room lights up from the inside and makes ringing noises as if it were calling someone. And it was... My mum. I heard her phone ringing downstairs and she was highly distressed as the person calling was a young boy saying that they were coming for Ozzy, my 2 year old nephew. I rush out of my room but am stopped on the stairs by my old cat Tigger how died a couple of years back. I picked him up and carried him downstairs to where I then saw my old dog, Daisy, led on our sofa. I say "That boy must be strong to summon Tigger and Daisy" indicating that they are our gardians and only appear in times of immense trouble. My nephew is now crying histerically and is cuddling my dad. my mum goes into the kitchen and I follow. I tell her to call the police and that we can track the number that called her but she doesn't agree. She says that it's just some little kids playing pranks and that she won't give in. I turn out of the kitchen and no one is in the living room but, through thet window, I see a car pulling out of our drive way. A white Nissan of some kind. But it was not mine as mine is dark blue. I try to scream to my mum but nothing comes out so I repeated bang on the front door as I run out to get her attention instead. We both sprint down the road but the car and out family is already gone. Then I woke up.