Threesome in public?

Date: 5/6/2019

By Naila

I don't remember much of this dream, but I do remember I was in this old town that kind of gave off a creepy vibe. It had this long road that streched in the middle of it (kind of like a street next to my house) and the town had no other roads just houses and smaller buildings that were on the sides of it. I was looking for my husband and I knew he was supposed to be in one of the houses. But as I was going down the road the farther I got, the better I could see this car in the distance. The car was parked in between two bushes, not really well hidden and the front window of the car was facing me. There was this blond guy with two girls in it and they were having sex. The guy was eating out the brunette on his left and fingering the blonde girl on the right. They were too busy to notice me. I didn't get turned on but I was really confused, why are they doing this in public, how arent they afraid they'll get cought and why isnt anybody stopping them (granted I was the only person who saw them). So after seeing that I return to searching for him and I somehow remember he's in this dusty white house with a black roof. After that I can't remember anything.