Tarot Card/Plane Crash

Date: 8/9/2019

By DaydreamRadio

In my first dream, I'm walking through Buceo with Luz. We talk to each other, laughing and having a good time, when she finds a tarot card in the street. It's by one of the dumpsters at night and to go to pick it up. It's one from my attack. At the Devil. I wonder if first of the rest of my cards are okay because I found one from my uncommon deck in the street. I try not to let onto the fact that it's mine. I'm taking a plane inch New Jersey with my mom, my Aunt Karen, TJ, Meredith, and Andrew. TJ is on a different plane than us. There's something very wrong with both of our flights. Ours has this awful turbulence. I'm afraid, but we make it to the airport. As we come in, I see TJ's flight. The plane is pouring thick black smoke. It flies over the other side of the airport I see a silent explosion. I do my best to distract my family so I don't see TJ's flight. There's absolutely no way he survived. My looks frantically for him while Andrew pics on Meredith. I pretend I haven't seen his flight crashing. We watch your screen with green bars with the names of each passenger saying if they made it out or not. Now, she knows that his plane has crashed. I see his name come across the screen, highlighted. I'm sure this means he's dead. However, in the key on the screen, it says he's just washing his clothes and things to remove the smoke before coming out. We're all relieved. We wait by the baggage check by the doors to see him. Andrew and Meredith continue fighting like the little kids again. My mom, Aunt Karen, and I talk amongst ourselves while waiting for him.