Naked at school

Date: 3/15/2019

By MisterMasonLane

I went back to school in English class. We were in the portables and we started taking a test. It was my first day back so i understood none of the material on the test. I think Kaylee(coworker) was there and so was Elena (co worker) but i didn't pay much attention to either of them. A guy behind me started kissing me and i thought it was a girl. After we stopped i was shocked but it didn't phase me. The next day i came to school naked and found my brown pajama pants near a fence next to the portables. I put on only the brown pants and the guy came up and said hello while i was doing so. I told him i didn't mind what we did but i don't swing that way in relationships. We said goodbye and every thing was good. I started to walk away and there were buses along the side walk and kids were walking on top. I was thinking they were gonna get introuble for doing that. Then i realized quickly that i was no longer walking on side walk, i was swimming in a big lake next to the school. There were buses all in the water. And some of them weren't even school buses. There were many different kinds of people in the water. Most were students yelling sometimes randomly. It was mostly quiet. There seemed to be possesd nuns. They had pale skin and white eyes. And some things weren't real humans. I saw a Mannequin like figure swimming to the left of me while I was trying to make it back to shore. I just went past it. Then i heard someone saying something line help him. A fat guy was stuck at the bottom of the lake. His hands were tied but he had only black speedo and a scuba mask on. No other source of oxygen. There was a rope that looked like it was attached to a sunken weather balloon under water. He was attached to it somehow and i pulled the rope and the weather balloon pulled him up to the surface. I didn't want to touch him idk why but another person did it. He was very red. That is all i can remember.