Words flow through the air.

Date: 5/4/2017

By Fitful

I was in an art class, I religiously attended, it was in the attic of the school. I was observing the man creating. It was a game, with two players, one on each side, and each made a little brook nature scene out of paper on each side, while in the middle was a long and large sandy pit where the game took place. The pieces remained frozen until in play, but when they came alive they trippled in size and were as ferocious and lifelike as any real thing. They were real, just trapped as stone until used. Each player had a dragon/basilisk which was red and gorgeous. And another player, with one mutual one in the middle. During the construction the artist was called away and I had to take over, I began building with paper and i realized he had made it look easy, how do you make paper look like a itsy bitsy wooden fence? Or like bubbling water under bridges? I slowly got the hang of it, and I realized this was my calling. This was what I wanted to do my entire life. I left the room to get something from my dorm room, the school was an old Victorian mansion stacked up in many floors, and I had a room there like everyone else. I headed to get whatever it was when we all were called to the auditorium, it was a fire drill. The auditorium was actually this huge round room with a stage in the middle and seats stacked up the walls all around the inside circle. I went and took my seat but still had time to run to my room so I did, and got my backpack, but I needed something in my purse so I went back. I ran into an old friend and she wanted to sit with me and so we went back and got seats. But i still needed my purse so I left again to get them. When you enter the auditorium you end up walking out onto the stage to get to the seats area on the edges and climb to yours. It's always a bit nerve wracking to be so on display. I came back and thought I had lost my backpack and left to look for it but came back again to find my friends holing both for me. My friends were a few exes and friends from several different clicks. I was a little uncomfortable they were all so friendly with each other. Both the purse and backpack (small purse like) were white and each had stuff I needed in them, like papers, and books, and a white tablet. I literally had too much to do while I waited out the fire drill. There was also a speaker on the stage the whole time. I was intending to visit my mother for a week in California. I felt tired of the school and wanted a change in my scene and life. I really wanted a person to be comfortable around and support me while I grew but didn't think someone like that existed. I spent a lot of time getting ready to leave for this trip. I was at that old friends house with a other friend. She was helping me get packed and ready to leave on my trip. It seemed every time I thought I was packed I had forgotten something else. The first time I forgot money. Then I forgot to pack more clothes then one days worth. And then makeup. And on it went. I also was supposed to bring someone with me, but we couldn't come up with who it was. I knew vaguely it was some woman named Raven, but I didn't really know who she was. My old friend wanted me to live with her for a week after I came back. She knew I was stressed by the school life. I declined because her asking felt creepy. She only had one bed to sleep in and I got vibes she wanted sex. It made my stomach crawl, she just was the opposite of attractive to me. She had a red coffee kettle which plugged into the wall. She placed it on a book on the wooden kitchen table, to boil. I watched it boil and stamp around the table on its little feet as it buzzed furiously. The book disappeared and it just brewed over a burnt area which lead me to think she often brewed coffee right there. In her cupboard I was looking for a snack. She had a half a bag of marshmellows left over, I remember she liked those, and a couple boxes of cherry chip cake mix, and open individual boxes of cereal. I was hungry but I realized the marshmellows werent vegan and had that artificial sugar. I remembered wanting to make a Boston cream pie but the cake mix didn't seem like it would work, it wasn't the right cake. And i was worried about the cereal being just open like that. Towards the end of the dream and waking up I saw a half man half cat hanging ethericly in the stars, he literally was split in half, one side this hippy man with long brown hair in a bun, and the other an elegant tabby cat. I also heard a few things told to me, the first was in the beginning of the dream. I heard "Words flow through the air, or maybe you prefer pictures?" and toward the waking up process I heard "Go, it's always correct."