Dreaming about my boyfriend's FRIEND!?

Date: 5/13/2017

By popcorngoo

So, I don't remember this dream too well since a lot of time has passed since I had it. But it's bothering me, and I'd like some feedback. I had a romantic dream about my boyfriend's friend! Lets call him A. Now, I see A at least once a week because we play table top games together as a group. I would call him a friend, but we are not close. And he has a girlfriend who he brings to these game nights all the time too. But anyway, the dream was pretty much centered around me coming to his place of work looking at the items in the shop, and us just talking and joking. And then there was something on a top shelf I wanted to see so he came up behind me and grabbed it down. But he stood really close, almost pressing our backs together. And he was like overly touchy feely on me in the dream too. Now, as far as dreams go it's relatively tame because it's not like it was a SEX dream or anything. It just bothers me because I love my boyfriend and A is just my friend. I know it's not like I cheated or anything, but now I just feel guilty. Idk. I'm sure guys have fantasies about other girls in their dreams all the time because of testosterone and shit. But I'm a girl, so idk.....