Dog day?

Date: 6/17/2017

By Imafurrydealwithit

Okay so this dream was lucid and it was kind of interesting well so apparently it was "Dog Day" at my school, you could dress up with ears and a tail, bring your dog, and participate in this festival in the main courtyard. So since you could dress up as a dog, I, being the furry trash that I am, wore this beautiful royal lavender fursuit. I just strut down the halls like it was a catwalk... but i was a wolf instead of a cat. So basically if you didn't already know which none of you do, I have a boyfriend and i am afraid to admit that i'm a furry to him because he thinks they're "gross" and "retarded" which, he obviously doesn't have a clue about the furry fandom. So i refused to see him (even though i was in a fursuit and nobody could see me unless i removed the head...) but what's funny was that everyone loved me, everyone hates furries online but in real life people honestly don't care. well this was probably really random and completely stupid but oh well here it is for the world to see. if you want to know how the fursuit looks (describing it) scroll down more if not gtfo Well it was a royal lavender color, the belly, face, and paws were white (puffy paws). The padding on the hips were excessive (thicc) and it was a digitigrade. The jaw moved when you spoke and the crotch was dropped. (Basically my dream fursuit)