The Proposal

Date: 2/27/2017

By noirQuipster

I was going to go to a large family event. For some reason I was dating this kid Sammy for appearance, but I was actually dating Christian. Sammy didn't know that I was just dating him so that my family wouldn't be upset that I was dating Christian. At one point Christian and I managed to be alone, and by that we were stuck opening presents with my grandparents. It was Valentine's Day, and people we're getting by beautiful gifts.! I don't want expecting Christian to get me anything, but he surprised me and pulled out a small jewelry box. I knew what it was immediately. I started shaking my head "yes" furiously. My mom found out. She kept trying to tell me I needed call it off with Sammy, but stupid things kept happening that made it impossible. I just felt annoyed with myself for letting it get this far.