Pregnant trans man

Date: 5/28/2019

By Eliott

Way too realistic, urg. I dreamt I'd been pregnant (I'm a trans man) and that the other father was gone. I delivered the baby a few days ago, but it was not doing good, I was on my way to a doctor to see if they were gonna live or not. I had 20+kg, mostly on my hips and butt. AND all that was intermingled with real life, which means I was still in a hotel room for the night, having an appointment this morning with the surgeon that did top surgery on me a week ago. I was sad and angry and so worried tje pregnancy was gonna fuck up the surgeon's work. Also, those b*stards did an episiotomy on me WITHOUT MY CONSENT and when they sutured it, they did an extra stitch (in France it's called "le point du mari", the husband's stitch). At one point I'm like "this time everything feels so real, it's defo not a dream" and I start waking up...