Possessed object

Date: 7/22/2017

By 1sana123

I am on a trip to natural place ... The weather conditions were worst ,My friend sugested that v should have a stay at her buglow in nearby village ..The village seems like cursed ...the land is baren The sun rises early in this part of the world...i know i cant hav a good sleep, I went to a nearby lake..my friends could not enter the water ..The village guy reveals that this place is cursed ..A school girl provoked evil by bringing a possesed object to this land. I want to fix things ....i really want to explain that school girl not to bring possesed object it can harm life of people ...i decided to go in past PEOPLE FROM PAST They are open minded ...i explained the principal of school ,there is going to be serious havoc in future. Miss Ness Miss Ness is incharge of "lost and found." she passionately keeps strange things .. I explained her that Legend says that the possesed object follows the school girl everywhere ...if u knw such object it would directly lead me to school girl. Miss Ness has a big smile on her face ..(in future there is a rumour that Miss Ness helps the school girl with possesed object and so she was expelled) Miss Ness takes me to a cuboard where there is a vigoriouly shaking box ..she opened it . Possessed Object The box consist of a two wheeled small vehical ...which makes a loud noise like TAD TAD TAD its stange that only i can hear it ,it started following me and its damn irritating ... The Chase It was chasing me and making noise in my head like TAD TAD TAD ..i tried to escape from school gate but the watchmen said "only adults can go out of this gate" I asked help from girls, there are girls who are playing claping game they looked at me and said " six and seven and eight , Let us reveal the scretes that u hate ". TAD TAD TAD the sound is geting louder and louder in my head .i ran and ran until i reached sci lab there were small girls in science lab all the voice stoped.