different worlds

Date: 1/21/2017

By ciaraqueen69

I just woke I up, the dream I had was me living like a video game. like I would go into these crazy world's and fight these scary monsters until I received these badass weapons...I think my character was abused in the game because she kept having flash backs of this guy and there were bruises on her ..the last mission she had to do and she teleported onto a ship, the alarm randomly went off and she had to put the code in but..she put it in and the alarm went off and it was weird for her because she knew the alarm code...everyone on the ship was dead and she didn't know anyone on there...but how could she remember a 8 number passcode?..she found the weapon with no hassle and just as she was leaving the ship, this man hot off and ran off closing her on locking it. she shot through the door and got out and her arm got grabbed on while she was teleporting, she teleported back to her group with the mystery man.. as everyone gets scared and stands back from him her boyfriend steps forward and says "dad?" a bigger confusion happened before her as he and the man talked.. she then realized that she was kidnapped and that was the man who abused her... she mentions the abuse to both of them as they stand just a few feet ahead and he laughed at me and said he did it. my boyfriend clearly furious and mad at his father for torturing the love of his life when she was in captive.. now he's trying to take his son back to the ship so they could live happy life's and he didn't need to be here with someone so..."dangerous" he told him he can't... she kicks the man of the side of a Cliff​ where he fell to his death.. she hugs her boyfriend and he hugs back asking "why?.." she replied without no hesitation.. "because I was scared to lose you."