Date: 4/24/2019

By Italianmeatsauce

So me and my family were at a airport and out of nowhere these terrorist started attacking the airport and they said that they will never stop attacking the airport. Then we had to find out a way to get them to leave but we couldn't so the only way to make them stop was to destroy the airport and the airport was like the main source of the state, so if destroyed the airport we could not live in the state. When we found the main source we destroyed it and then we had to get out quickly so my mom was trying to get a flight and the agent said that we had to pay for it. When we did they said sorry out of business. Then we got out and out of nowhere a plane trying to land crashed. A guy came and said the more your under water the more the blood rushes through your veins. sadly we couldn't live in the state anymore so we had to go our separate ways and we all had our own state that we could actually live in and we had a separate as a regular family again. Which meant I didn't have a stepmom anymore nor sisters or brothers I don't have much of a family anymore and we all gave each other one last hug before we said goodbye.