Sandy Girl

Date: 4/9/2017

By shadesallday

I'm in a room with a girl I've never met. She's petite, medium long hair, wears glasses, cute, average, and Asian. I don't know her name or how we ended up together. Her clothes leave sand on the bed. We have sex a few times and she's totally into it. I accidentally finish inside, she laughs, and says she wants more, but also pulls away. I get a bit aggressive and continue. Her head and breast get smaller. I look into her mouth and see her glasses; things don't taste right, but I keep going. She kinda looks like a Muppet at this point. Her body goes back to normal as she gets ready to leave. A large Bee flies into the room from the window. It has a screen with no holes, so I've got no idea how it got in. I pull her away from the Bee and she opens the door to let it out. More bees appear. I wake up.