Date: 6/27/2017

By claire_davis

My family and I are at this hotel that looks vaguely like an outdoor mall nearby my home. Right next to it is this massive waterslide. We're sitting by the pool. I'm listening to music and scrolling through twitter, when I come across this tweet where it criticizes Budweiser for sponsoring the waterslide, instead of sponsoring Six Flags. I look behind me at the waterslide. The whole thing was Budweiser themed. Instead of water on slide, it was beer. You had to float down by going in these giant Budweiser cans. All of the sudden, a Spanglish song I really like comes on. In real life, I learned the Spanish lyrics as well as the English lyrics because I liked the song so much. I don't even know Spanish despite those lyrics. I started singing it and my brother asked how I knew Spanish and I told him that it's from the song. I listen to music while I sleep and I think I started singing was because the Spanglish song started playing.