Plethora of Dreams

Date: 5/14/2017

By ena.b

I remember I am in a mall then suddenly all the people started running out. So I follow them and run to get out too. After that I remember climbing up a rusty tower and someone's yelling at me to go on because I stop a quarter away then I decided to go on top. Then at the top I looked at the expanse of land below. I remembered that it is covered with snow and it was beautiful. My comrade congratulating to finally did it. And the last thing, I remember is when I am below again then I notice a blue snake watching us ready to attack. I told someone but then we stumble and the snake was close by. So I find a sharp object and cut it in half. And it go off a sort of foul smell. Then It attack again unfazed by condition but Im ready for it ready to smash with the shoe. But it retreated. I remember it followed us wherever we go. Just watching. Weird.