Escaping again

Date: 7/20/2019

By MissKate

I was in a dream. I was trying to run away with a kid and a friend from the usual zombie outbreak type of scenario. I have no money. At one point we escape through the countryside of England and come to a bridge. The bridge can only be crossed at its highest level - it is practically just steel awning and lots of open space for crosswind with gaps in the side. My friend and I are nervous but I urge them on or they urge me on and we cross. There is a thunderstorm around us. I can feel the rain whipping against me and the wind blowing us, so we practically crawl the whole mile or so of bridge, with other refugees, across to Russia. It is a relief to get to Russia. The town around us is simple. I ask around and get an appartment and it is small and cosy but soon we are on the run again. Again, I help us escape, by boat and then by helicopter. We land just outside a barracks as as I’m moving past this soldier with green eyes says we should come in. There are friends inside. We’ll be happy. And it looks nice because there are other soldiers but there are also these blonde nurses in fetish nurse outfits walking around serving dinner. Anyway, I quickly learn this is not a good place. They want to perform experiments on us. We try to escape. We keep getting caught and we see horrible things happening. Finally I help us escape on a helicopter and the last thing I remember is running through more green fields.